ISM Module Power Radio TinyOne Plus

ISM module characteristics

ISM moduleTinyOne™ Plus OEM RF modules are based on TinyOne™ concept in the license-free 869 MHz or 915 MHz ISM band.

This 25 mW multi-band multi-channel radio module with advanced proprietary embedded S-ONE or M-ONE stack can be easily integrated, thus reducing development time and cost for applications in building automation, metering (water, gas, electric), irrigation, tracking, and access control.

TinyOne™ Plus is designed to be used with a battery and is compatible with the extended 500mW TinyOne™ Pro backbone network topology and is upgradeable over-the-air.

ISM module TinyOne Lite as a glance

ISM module TinyOne Plus as a glance

ISM module TinyOne Pro as a glance

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