GPRS GSM module,  GSM GPRS modem, GSM terminal, GSM engine


All modules marked with S are more or less software compatible. They contain the same GSM core. This makes it easy to migrate from a module with board to board to connectors to a module with BGA. Based on it it’s possible to develop prototypes on board to board and to move on BGA quickly. Anyone who have the drawback to create a small prototype can use our service for production by using BGA for prototypes and small quantities as well. If needed we are able to produce a few PCBs only.

If size matters, please do not hesitate to talk to us in an early stage. Internal antennas and external helical stubby antennas are mostly lambda/4 antennas that will ask for a reasonable ground plane. If your PCB will not match the ground plane, then you will loose antenna performance. The antenna is the key of your wireless application. Worst case you will get the highest performance with a customised antenna only. Please note that for example the North American PTCRB approval is asking for a Over The Air test and is looking for high antenna performance.

All modules marked with P are pin compatible. Those modules are covering GPRS, UMTS and CDMA. Who is planning to cover whole world in same design should have a closer look in this product range.

Applications like tiny trackers for people or animals are related to ground plane twice. The cellular antenna will also ask like the GPS antenna for ground plane. As smaller the GPS antenna as higher is the risk on detuning. Last but not least a customised GPS antenna will help.

Wireless M2M applications are RF systems that are a combination of a wireless module and the antenna. Often the PCB and the enclosure are a part of the complex system, too. We can compare small embedded devices with the musical instrument “Theremin”. The tones and loudness of a Theremin is interfered my moving your hands in the electrometric field. More about the Theremin here.

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