GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G antennas with focus on M2M

The materials for our antenna design technologies have been pioneered in defence or mobile phones and apply it to the M2M market. However the implementation of the final GSM antenna is done with the M2M customer in mind, for example, SMT component requirements. We also stay close to M2M module developments and trade shows so we can keep our antenna product line as close as possible to ever changing M2M market demands. Antennas for 2G technology (GSM / GPS) we produce since years. 3G antennas for covered by us as well and even 4G antennas for LTE and WiMax are already available with us.  If non of our standard antennas will fit, then we can help with customisation. We also work with the leading certified test labs so we are fully aware of wireless device approvals and test methods. 
Credits Beecham Research

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GSM 2G 3G antennas