Wireless M-Bus Module

Wireless M-Bus module characteristics

Wireless M-Bus ModuleThis Wireles M-Bus modules are based on Telit’s TinyOne™ concept and are optimized for highly reliable communications and provide ultra-low-power for maximum battery life at a low price for applications ranging from energy management and building control to machine health monitoring.

Available with or without integrated antenna, these pre-certified SMD RF modules provide a TTL RS232 interface, integrated digital and analogue I/Os, work in the license-free ISM band of 868 MHz, and offer the advanced embedded proprietary S-One stack including an optional wireless M-BUS and M-One stack.

These wireless M-Bus modules are easily integrated into a system, thus reducing development time and cost while providing highly-reliable communications and ultra-low-power for maximum battery life in a wide range of sensor network applications such as those in the growing AMR/AMI market.

Wireless M-Bus module as a glance

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