Short Range Radio Modem

Short range radio modem characteristics

Short Range Radio modemThe TinyOne short range radio modem is a complete ETSI certified low-cost short range radio modem in the license-free 868 MHz ISM band for harsh environments and weather conditions. It is available in three different versions.

The short range radio modem includes a multichannel radio module with advanced proprietary embedded standard firmware (S-ONE) or mesh networking (M-ONE), and a reinforced hard metal casing with fixed or removable quarter antenna.

With a power supply range of 6-40 V, supporting RS232 / RS485 / RS422 serial interfaces and an efficient low-power mode, this terminal is optimal for outdoor applications such as telemetry, irrigation, urban traffic control, or urban display control and is capable of transmitting data up to 1500 m.

TinyOne™ Plus is compatible with the extended 500 mW TinyOne™ Pro, for backbone network topology and is upgradeable over-the-air.


Short range radio modem TinyOne Plus IP67

Short range radio modem TinyOne Pro IP67

Short range radio modem PowerOne Pro IP67

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