Integrated GPS antenna

GPS_patch_antenna_12This integrated GPS antenna comes in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) to meet the requirements  of automotive customers.

Applications: car alarm, vehicle tracking, POS

Integrated GPS antenna as a glance (version 12x12 mm)

Integrated GPS antenna as a glance (version 15x15 mm)

This integrated GPS antenna are designed to meet the requirements of high volume applications that need to avoid manual assembly processes.
These new integrated GPS antennas are unique in that they meet the environmental requirements of the automotive industry (temperature, shock, vibration etc). This is because of the new design which keeps the feed line of the integrated GPS antenna off the side of the ceramic and unexposed. It uses a separate PCB to connect to the GPS module feed line and mechanical pads for stable integration. Warning tuning likely required, because the GPS patch is very small. To save the tuning we recommend the version with 18x18 mm or 25x25 mm.
**Patent Pending**
Attention: Changes in user ground plane and environment will offset centre frequency

German version