GSM GPRS modem with licence free Python interpreter

GSM modem / GSM  terminal  / GPRS modemsThis GSM modem is a highly flexible plug and play GSM 850 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 modem for direct and easy integration  RS232, voltage range for the power supply and  audio interface make this device perfect solution for system  integrators and single user. It also comes with licence free integrated Python. Python is a powerful easy to learn programming language. Such a Python driven terminal is 5 times better and faster and 5 times cheaper than standard PLC/RTU with communication interface and external GSM / GPRS modem.

Voice, Data/Fax, SMS, DTMF, GPRS, integrated TCP/IP stack  and other features like the GSM / GPRS modules  on this home page.

GSM modem characteristics

GSM modem Interfaces

GSM modem general characteristics


Python is an object-oriented, strictly, dynamically typed, lexically scoped programming language. Its object model is quite flexible (single-dispatch, metaclasses, everything is an object), and somewhat similar to that of Smalltalk. Python has some functional programming features: first-class functions, map(), reduce(), list comprehension’s, and lexical closures. Python is a very "freeform" language with very few ways of invariant construction.


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