GSM module starter kits

The Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK2) provides a robust, future-proof and flexible environment for rapid development of applications for the full range of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA module families, dramatically reducing time-to-market.

The kit is comprised of a motherboard, and an adapter board in which the relevant module is connected. This concept allows the EVK2 to be used across various form factors and product generations, both present and future.

The motherboard includes the basic interfaces, such as power input, SIM card holder, audio monitor outputs, RS-232, and USB 1.1, as well as a Reset button and power switch. The motherboard represents the recommended reference design for the module's peripheral circuitry. Jumper blocks on the motherboard define the routing of the serial interfaces, audio signals, and power supply. The PC or DTE controlling the module over the AT-command interface can be connected via USB or RS-232.

Adapter boards are available in different models to allow development for the desired module family (board-to-board or BGA solder). The set of basic interfaces found on by the motherboard. The set of interfaces specific to the module (e.g. antenna, general purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO), ADC/DAC, UART etc. is found on the adapter board for connection to the user's application, extension boards, or other development tools and measuring equipment.

Customers of Advanced Wireless Planet can ask for further hints and tips on hardware designs and approvals, because the team behind is interested to share 15 years knowledge and experience with you.

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